About the company

Family company

Family comapny KAMEL TRAVEL was established by Paweł Gryczka in response to constantly growing demand for the transport services. From the beginning of our operation we have focused mainly on the quality of the carriages provided. These assumptions are pursued consistently by the maximisation of the level of safety and convenience of the transported passengers. Involvement of all the employees makes us approach each order professionally, which is reflected in the high level of our clients’ satisfaction.
We have all the necessary licenses, permissions and certificates entitling to transport people in Poland and in the entire Europe.
We have at our disposal modern and comfortable coaches, buses, minibuses and passenger cars. All the vehicles undergo regular inspections and reviews, which is reflected in the high level of security and reliability.

The vehicles are always clean and adequately prepared before each departure.
Our employees are the experienced drivers of high personal culture, which is particularly important to provide service at the top-level. Kind drivers who are always ready to help will ensure the journey in a pleasant atmosphere.

We comply with the regulations concerning the working time of drivers, which guarantees that the drivers are always properly refreshed before each departure.
We are the professionals in our industry and we are experienced in the services we perform. Safety and comfort of the travellers are always of utmost importance. If you are looking for a reliable carrier that will make your journey proceed safely and in a pleasant atmosphere, we invite you to familiarize with our offer and check our services for yourself.

Our team

Paweł Gryczka


Józef Gryczka

the Controller

Agnieszka Gryczka